As the owner of Greenway Residential Cleaning, I'm always on the lookout for effective, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that safeguard our clients' homes - we like to save money too! A few weeks back, while cleaning a home with several long haired cats, I pulled out my trusty tape roller to clean off the couch only to hear the owner say "Hey Ken, try this instead!" and she handed me a stone.  Now I couldn't see the look on my face but I'm sure it wasn't a pleasant one. Why would someone rub a stone on their beautiful white couch to remove cat hair? Well, I went ahead with it and it worked like magic!  I bought 3 the next day. The pumice stone is incredibly versatile and if you haven't used one to clean your grill, stove grates, toilet or couch (not the same one of course!) I would highly suggest it!

Furr-Zoff pet hair remover

What is a Pumice Stone?

Pumice stone, formed from volcanic lava that has cooled and hardened while trapping gaseous bubbles, is a lightweight, abrasive stone perfect for scrubbing away hard-to-clean messes without the use of harsh chemicals. Its natural abrasive qualities make it a powerful ally against grime, yet it's gentle enough to use on a variety of surfaces without leaving scratches.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Stoves

Stainless steel stoves are beautiful and functional, but they are also prone to stubborn grease and burn marks. Harsh chemical cleaners often leave streaks or fail to remove buildup effectively. A dampened pumice stone, on the other hand, can gently scrub away these blemishes, restoring the pristine shine of stainless steel without the streaks or chemical residue. Care needs to be taken and sometimes a dry stone can scratch the surface, but with care it works like a charm!

Refreshing Your Grill Grates

As barbecue season picks up, so does the grime on your grill grates. Instead of using a wire brush, which can leave behind dangerous bristles, or toxic cleaners, try a pumice stone. When used on warm (not hot) grates, a pumice stone will scrape off charred food bits and even grease, making your grill safe and ready for your next barbecue. It works on indoor grates as well!

Sparkling Porcelain Fixtures

Porcelain toilets and sinks are prone to unsightly hard water stains and mineral deposits. Chemical cleaners can be harsh and sometimes even damage the glossy finish. A wet pumice stone provides a gentle, yet effective way to remove these stains. By softly scrubbing with a wet pumice stone, you can lift away stains and buildup, leaving your porcelain fixtures sparkling clean and scratch-free.

The Environmental Edge

At Greenway Residential Cleaning, our mission is to reduce the use of dangerous chemicals we use in your home while providing exceptional home cleaning services. Pumice stones align perfectly with this philosophy. They are a natural product with no added chemicals, making them an environmentally sound choice compared to the often harmful chemical cleaners that can contaminate water sources and degrade soil quality and just all around aren't good for the environment or you.

Embracing a Natural Clean

Incorporating pumice stones into our cleaning practices has not only improved the quality of our cleaning but has also been a step forward in our commitment to eco-friendly solutions. It’s a simple change that has profound impacts, both in the cleanliness of our clients' homes and the health of our environment.

We hope this insight into the versatile uses of pumice stones inspires you to consider more natural cleaning methods. If you want more helpful tips checkout this post that talks more about all of the supplies we use or this one that talks about the superpower that is Soft Scrub.

And as always, remember to take some time back from your busy schedule.  Prioritize yourself, your family and your community by taking some time to enjoy the natural wonders that surround us.  Feel free to give us a call, we will get some of that time back for you. (919)229-9227