Recently, we've spotted a concerning trend: a few companies claiming to be "the Best Cleaning Service" have unfortunately been less than honest with customers, charging them without notification and convincing them to sign contracts with the promise of very low cost services, leading to legal action. It's a distressing situation, especially when you're counting on these services for special occasions or last minute-family visits. Below we've compiled a few key questions to ask your future cleaning company to ensure reliability and prevent any last-minute scrambling. Hopefully this will ensure the next service you hire leaves your home impeccably clean and your mind at ease.

What Specific Professional Cleaning Service Do You Offer?

Understanding the breadth of services, from deep cleaning services to specific maid service offerings, is vital. Knowing what services are included as part of their package is essential, especially for those once-a-year big cleans. When will you be charged for these services: before, during or after you, are satisfied with the service?

Are Your House Cleaners Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

This is non-negotiable when searching for professional cleaning services. It's a layer of security, ensuring that house cleaners take responsibility for their crew and any potential mishaps.

How Do You Screen and Train Your House Cleaner Staff?

Your peace of mind comes from knowing that any professional deep-cleaning service employs a rigorous on-the-job training program.

Greenway Residential Cleaning's Recommended Supply List
Greenway Residential's Recommended Supply List

Their cleaning crew should respect the sanctity of your home as much as you do.


Do You Bring Your Own Supplies and Equipment?

If you're eco-conscious, the use of green cleaning products by a professional cleaning service might be imperative for you. Clarify if they provide their own supplies and if those are eco-friendly.

Can You Provide References or Testimonials From Other Home Cleaners Clients?

A trusted residential cleaning service will have no issue providing testimonials. It's like looking up "the best house cleaning services reviews" but getting the direct scoop from past customers.

What Is Your Satisfaction Guarantee for the Best Cleaning Service?

Ensuring that a cleaning service stands by its work with a satisfaction guarantee is fundamental. It speaks volumes about their commitment to quality service. When you sign a contract that is legally binding it is difficult to find a way void the contract.

How Do You Determine Pricing and Is There a Written Agreement for House Cleaning?

This talks to the transparency of the maid service. Whether they offer package deals for deep cleaning services or hourly rates, it should all be laid out plainly. If you end up signing a contract, you're locked in regardless of whether or not you like the experience. If you are truly dealing with the best cleaning service in the area, they wont be hurting for business or offering a $20 initial cleaning to get you locked into a contract. They will have a great reputation and a waiting list for their services.

What Happens If Something Is Damaged During Cleaning by Your House Cleaners?

The best cleaning service would surely have policies in place for accidental damage during a cleaning, ensuring you're not out of pocket if something goes wrong. Things do break and mistakes do happen but honesty and insurance coverage are what the best cleaning services in the industry offer to solve these uncommon occurrences.

How Do You Handle Security and Key Management With Services Home Cleaning?

When you're not home, knowing the protocols for key security with your chosen home cleaners gives you peace of mind. A trustworthy maid service will have foolproof systems for access to your home.

What Makes Your Cleaning Service the "Best Cleaning Service"?

What is it about this professional cleaning service that sets it apart? Is it their approach to deep cleaning services, or perhaps the breadth of cleaning services they offer? Let them tell you why they're the top pick for your house cleaning needs.

 By addressing these questions, you can find a cleaning service that will leave your home spotless, giving you the clean peace of mind you deserve.

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